Subletting an Apartment

What is subletting?

Subletting is when a renter rents out there apartment to someone else. There are many reasons why people sublet, but the goal is usually the same: to cover the rental costs for an apartment that is not being used. 

Does Union Real Estate allow subletting?

No we do not allow subletting. However, we do allow you to add an authorized Occupant to your lease for a period of time. An occupant can live in your unit, have a set of keys, call our office for help -- basically, they have all the rights of the lease holder to enjoy the use of the apartment and common areas. 

What do I need to do to add an occupant?

An occupant must complete an application, pay the application fee of $35, and pass the background check.

Who is responsible for paying rent if I get an occupant?

The leaseholder is responsible for paying the rent. If you have made an arrangement for your occupant to help pay all or part of your rent, you will need to collect the payment directly from the occupant -- and then pay your rent to Union Real Estate as you normally do. 

What happens if my occupant doesn't pay me, damages the unit, or breaks the lease in some other way?

Since you are the leaseholder, you are ultimately responsible for the apartment. This means that you would still need to pay the rent even if the occupant did not pay you. Similarly, if the occupant damages the unit or breaks the lease rules in some other way, you could be responsible for that as well. 

The best way to protect yourself is to make sure you trust your occupant and have renter's insurance. Also, you may want to create a contract with your occupant. If you choose to have a contract, you should talk with a lawyer for legal help. Please note that Union Real Estate cannot be a party to the contract, provide the contract, or provide advice for or help negotiate the contract.  

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