Removing or switching a guarantor from lease

Depending on the application results, some tenants are required to have a guarantor co-sign their lease. This article explains what to do if you need a new guarantor and/or if you want to remove a guarantor.

Changing a Guarantor

You can change a guarantor at any time by having the new guarantor complete an apartment application. Assuming the new guarantor meets the credit score requirements, we will then prepare a lease modification agreement that names the new person as the guarantor. 

If a guarantor can no longer guarantee a lease (for example, a death or bankruptcy), then a new guarantor must be found by the time of the next lease renewal. The new guarantor will need to complete and pass an apartment application. 

Removing a Guarantor:

Once per lease term (not counting the original lease term) a tenant has the option (at tenant’s expense - $35) to request that URE re-run their credit report to see if a guarantor is still required.

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