Adding or removing a roommate

This article explains the processes for adding or removing a roommate to a lease. 

Adding a roommate

The new roommate should complete an application (and pay app fee) just like you did when you originally applied for your apartment. You can send the links in the bullet points below to the new roommate:

  • Complete an application here
  •  Pay your application fees and security deposit online here.

Finally, be sure to let your property manager know the roommates name and when they will be moving-in. Your manager will prepare a lease modification agreement that outlines when the new roommate will move-in, if they will be a tenant or occupant, and any other changes that you discussed. 

Removing a roommate

If you need to remove a tenant from a lease, please do the following:

  1. Contact your property manager and let them know who will be removed and when they are leaving.
  2. Sign a lease modification agreement that details the changes. Note: every tenant on the lease (including the one that is leaving) must sign the agreement. 

*Important: By signing the agreement, the remaining tenant(s) agree that they will be responsible for the lease. If the roommate that is leaving was responsible for a payment (or anything else), the roommates that are staying take on that responsibility -- so make sure you have worked out any roommate issues before signing the modification agreement.

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