W-8BEN Help

W-8BEN Form

All landlords are required to comply with certain IRS reporting rules. One of these rules requires that the W-8BEN form must be completed for all tenants who are not US taxpayers.

--> Note: If you have a Social Security Number, you should instead complete the W-9 form.  


  • Download and complete the W-8BEN form
    • Complete lines 1 and 2
    • Complete line 3 with your home country address
    • Complete line 4 with your rental property address
    • Complete line 6 with your foreign tax identifying number issued by your home country
    • Complete line 8 with your date of birth
    • Sign and date the bottom 
      • Note: The IRS does not accept electronic signatures for this form. You must sign it by hand. 
  • Return the completed form to your property manager along with the following attachments:
    • Copy of passport issued by your home country
    • Copy of VISA issued by the U.S.
    • Completed questionnaire stating reasons for your stay in the U.S.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions.

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